I’m Ready

Are you ready to overcome your addiction?

Are you battling drug and/or alcohol addiction and want life change?

Have you lost your children, your home, and your family because of your destructive behavior?

Are you selling your body to keep up your drug habit?

Are you continually pursuing one bad relationship after another?

Is someone holding you against your will and forcing you into sexual favors?

Are you ready to put the past behind you and pursue your future as God intended it to be?

Do you qualify?

Are you at the end of your rope and ready for freedom from drug or alcohol addiction, prostitution or childhood trauma/abuse?

Are you ready to commit to 12 months for life change?

Are you physically and mentally healthy, other than your addiction?

Has your family cut all ties with you?

Have you exhausted all resources, including finances?

Do you want to become the woman God created you to be?

Are you between the ages of 25 and 55?

Do you have a valid I.D. & Social Security Card?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, please complete and submit the First Contact form below and then call Resident Services at (770) 227-3700.

Before completing the First Contact form and before calling Resident Services, please note the following:

Completing the First Contact form and calling Resident Services does not guarantee acceptance into our program.

We are not a shelter or a lock-down facility.

No one can be placed at the Christian Women’s Center against her will.

We cannot take you if you are Court Mandated or receiving (or applying for) Social Security or Disability Benefits.

First Contact Form

First Contact Form